LuV350P Drive Pet Care Vacuum Review

vacuum cleaner for your petIf you are looking for the best handheld vacuum cleaner reviews especially for your pet that will pick up more but give you less to empty then you need to read this LuV350P Review. This is what the LG tagline says and from the product features and real buyers comments, it is a popular machine through and through. We’re talking Kompressor® Technology here and for those who are not familiar with what this is. This indicates the very 1st motorized dust compression vacuum available to the consumers.

In addition to this powerful feature, the LG Kompressor® Drive Pet Care Vacuum LuV350P comes with a Dual Force Suction capability, a Drive Steering System and the cherry on top is the HEPA Filter. Now this is an amazing feature because this technology is so advanced, it can eradicate allergens along with the dust in your home to give you near to 100% pure breathable air.

Before we touch on the Pros and Cons in this LuV350P Review, let us have a quick look at the features:

1. This vacuum comes with a Vertical Cyclone System

2. The cord is amazingly long. Almost 40ft in length, it can reach all those hard to reach places and corners that most other vacuums cannot.

3. This powerful vacuum also has the DualForce feature.

4. It has a fantastic feature where this vacuum allows the compression of dust itself so you don’t have to worry about emptying the LuV350P.

5. This top of the line vacuum has a very particular steering system which allows the LuV350P to twist around corners easily.

LuV350P Pros:

1. If you’re worried about pet hair then you can stop worrying with the purchase of the LuV350P as it has a specific Pet Hair Turbine Tool specifically meant to scoop up all that sneezy worthy pet hair floating around and lying around your home.

2. Is this safe to use if you have children around the home? Absolutely! Because of the HEPA feature (the best air filter available anywhere in the world) your home becomes allergen and dust free almost instantly.

3. Most of us have a hard time moving the vacuum around the home but not with the LG Kompressor® Drive Pet Care Vacuum LuV350P. It is so easy to vacuum your home with it because of its unique feature that allows you to steer it effortlessly.

4. If you are looking for a compressor vacuum that is super powerful then you need to pay attention to the LuV350P as it’s suction force is very powerful. Hair, pet fur, dust, anything at all and it sucks it all in quickly without having you doubling up on vacuuming the same area twice or thrice.

5. With ease of use also must come the ease of cleaning the vacuum. We all know what an annoyance it can be to fluff off all the dust off of the machine. But because of the trademarked Kompressor system LG vacuums are famously known for, it goes easy on you thanks to its bagless bin and special wiper blades.

Cons of LuV350P:

1. The price range may be a big put off for some people.

2. It might leave wheel prints in the carpet so if you have a carpeted home you may want to consider this pointer.

3. It might be a little bit hard to push and pull but that depends and varies from person to person.

Is the LG Kompressor® Drive Pet Care Vacuum LuV350P worth the purchase:

Considering the pros and cons of the LuV350P, yes it is a vacuum you should definitely look into. Look at the hundreds of positive reviews it has got.